Bridge Day

New River Gorge Bridge
New River Gorge Bridge

Early Morning

We arrived at the bridge for our catwalk tour with 10 other people. The National Guard, police and FBI secured the bridge. They allowed no one to cross. We went over the rail and down a ladder access the space beneath the bridge, and then up another ladder to the catwalk.

On the Catwalk, Bridgeday 2009

A Cold Walk

The temperature was low and the breeze was strong on that October morning. We bundled up as much as we could. We walked from one end to the other, passing rapellers waiting to take their own trip down.

Looking Down

It’s Big

The catwalk is high above the river below, and stretches 3/5 mile across the gorge.

Taking The Plunge

BASE Jumping

The big deal at Bridge Day each year is BASE jumping. Over 800 jumps were made this year. We got to see jumps from the roadway, the catwalk, and the river below. It is incredible to see a person falling and hear the snap of the parachute opening from 50 feet away.

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