Stratford Hall

Action Shot
Stratford Hall

The House on the River

Stratford Hall is typical of many early Virginia plantations, with long tree-lined lawns approaching the house. Stratford Hall adds a second approach from the river. The house is built from expensive glazed brick of three stories. The tour guides bring a special charm to tours they have given for years.

Potomac Overlook

On the River

One of the most surprising parts of visiting the Stratford Hall estate is finding the sandy cliffs. A wooded trail runs along the cliffs from the mill to the perpendicular point from house to river. Occasional breaks in the trees yield long views across the river and along it for miles. We had a nice walk listening to the animals in the underbrush. The river is gradually eroding the cliff so a split rail fence stands guard. The house is now closer to the river by a few miles than when it was built.

Stratford Hall Beach

A Beautiful Beach

The estate lies on the river and contains one of the few water level accesses from the West side of the Potomac for miles. This access was the source of the estates prosperity. It allowed convenient loading of ships with cargo from the area around Stratford Hall.

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