St Louis

Capitol and Arch
Church, Arch and Moon

St. Louis Arch

The St. Louis Arch is a wonder of modern engineering. Standing several hundred feet high, the bright silver arch is visible from all the approaches to the city. It is located on the bank of the Mississippi river in a large park. A twenty minute tram ride takes visitors up through the curving arch to the viewing gallery at the pinacle. The trams are fun, specially designed round cars for four people, linked to form a train. It was a squeeze for a tall man such as myself to sit inside. The view from the top overlooks downtown St. Louis, especially Cardinal Stadium and the original cathedral. The cathedral was built by the early settlers in 17xx and is a wonderful dusty stone edifice with smooth marble and wood inside.

Cathedral Basilica of St Louis

Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis

The Basilica is a great example of Byzantine architecture. With many green domes and half domes supporting it’s roof, it is reminiscent of the Hagia Sophia. The interior is adorned by more than three million mosaic tesserae, many of gold and silver leaf. It is a dazzling sight.

Captiol and Arch

St. Louis Capitol Building

The original captitol building stands in downtown St. Louis. It is a lovely building in the classic style. The dome is particularly impressive seen from within.



I love to visit caves. Something about the dark and the cool makes me happy. There are several large cave systems in Missouri, so we decided to visit one that was on our travel path. The caverns were very dramatically lit, with many tall features. The finale was a light display set to music in a tall space called the Theatre.

This particular cave system featured several undergound lakes, areas where the water was still and shallow. The paths had been setup to take advantage of these areas and showcase them to visitors. I did not see any fish.

Spiderman is here!

The Depot

An old train station in St. Louis has been reclaimed instead of demolished, becoming a welcoming shopping mall. The wrought iron and glass ceiling still covers the platform area, where restaurants, carts, and boutique shops now stand. Featuring the Hard Rock Cafe and a 5 star hotel, it is a downtown destination.

Canal Koi

Ready To Eat

Outside Captain Bo’s restaurant, there are canals filled with koi. A vending machine dispenses fish food pellets. The big koi are ready. Whenever a person steps up to the edge of the canal, dozens of koi crowd the surface, jostling each other for position closest to the person and opening and closing their mouths waiting for the food to be dropped down.

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