Airboat Ride

Riding the Airboat
Airboat Slide

Blowing Over The Water

Hook a propeller to a V8 engine and strap it to a giant tin pan. Go fast. Don’t forget the helicopter headset. You need to be able to hear the tour guide.



The alligators are common in the river we ran down. They slip into the water and disappear as the boat approaches.

Bald Eagle

Silent Sentinel

It was a magic moment when we spotting the eagle. The bald eagle watched us with a keen eye as the boat coasted nearer. The bird is so proud and imposing that we were all very quiet. It turned to stare at us before taking flight.


Mangrove Swamp

As part of the ride, we had a slow cruise through the mangroves which border the main expanse of the river. It was still and green and cool under the trees, with just a foot or two of water beneath the boat.

Gator Closeup

Be Careful

Since alligators are so plentiful and so intriguing, many places show them off. After the ride, we each had a turn holding a baby alligator. It was not cold or slimy, but rather like a leather bag.

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