Joy at the Lake

Lake in the Mountains

As we drove south from Charlottesville, we left hwy 29 as we approached Lynchburg. We drove west into the mountains. Along the way, we saw signs for a lake and recreation area. The place turned out to be a beautiful little valley surrounded on three side by high mountains and filled with a small lake. A few people had come to picnic or cast off from the small launch to fish. The sun warmed the air enough for us to enjoy a short walk.

Washington & Lee

Washington & Lee

Once we left the peace and quiet of the lake, Joy and I made the winding and slightly treacherous drive through the mountains to Lexington. Lunch at a small bistro was delicious. The small town slumbered with the students gone on Spring Break. The campus of Washington & Lee College lies at the edge of downtown. Joy and I enjoyed a short walk around the campus and a short talk in the chapel about their first president, Robert E. Lee.

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