Blue Ridge Parkway

Arnold Valley
RX8 Parked

Winding Road

The Blueridge Parkway is a very winding road. Oftentimes narrow, it can be a thrilling trip downhill. When the road is clear of cars, the drive is really fun. When you are stuck behind a car going slow, it can be maddening.

View from the Parkway

Scenic Vistas of Virginia

One of the best benefits of the Parkway is the attention to viewpoint. The designers of the route took advantage of the best points to stop and look out over the valley. We stopped half a dozen times to see the view. The only downside was the swarms of pesky gnats.

Deer Stare

Wild Deer in the Road

The deer were thick in the woods that day. Spilling over into the road and standing on the median were the deer as well. We actually circled around a few times to stare at the deer munching on sweet grass in the median. Several times we had to stop as deer ran across the road in front of us.

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