Hooper Crocker Wedding

Garden with Cows

Liendo Plantation

The Liendo Plantation served as a beautiful backdrop for the wedding of Jenna and Jacob. Despite persistent cloudy skies, the rain held off all day. The guests sat in comfort under the spreading limbs of the old trees. The bride and groom spoke their wedding vows as the sun neared the horizon.

Posing for a Picture

Family Gathering

Many relations from across Texas and Oklahoma arrived at the country estate in west Texas. Parents and grandparents from both sides mingled. From my point of view, the stars of the show were Anna and John’s five girls, several of whom took part in the ceremony. I marveled at the young women Holly and Martha have become.

Sunset Dinner


Our hosts included dinner and dancing after the ceremony took place under a large tent. The sun broke free of the clouds as it neared the horizon, allowing some wonderful directional light with which to create artful photographs.

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