Tulsa Zoo

Blue Fish

Rhinoceros Pens

I think the Rhino pens must have been redone recently. I can not remember being able to walk up so closely to the animals before. To be so close to these huge rhinos makes the heart beat faster. You could hear the loud thumps as they stomped their feet.

King of Beasts

I was fortunate one evening in October to catch the King roaring for his dinner. I was volunteering at a Halloween theme night reading stories for the Library. The night was cold and the lion was hungry. Truly a magnificent sound. The video is probably available for viewing in the TCCL media department.


Siberian Tiger

The zoo has a great habitat for lions, tigers, and bears. Of course, the felines normally are quite languid, lounging in the shade or sleeping in their caves. On this cool day just before Christmas the Siberian tigers were out enjoying the day.

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