Santa Fe

Santa Fe
Miraculous Staircase

Miracle Staircase

The Loretto Chapel was completed. But there was no staircase to the choir loft, and no way to build a conventional staircase in the narrow chapel to the high loft. One day, a humble man appeared and asked to build a staircase for the chapel. He had only simple woodworking tools and a bucket of water. In the following days, never asking for money or wood, he built a spiral staircase of two complete turns without visible means of support. Then he left without a word.

The handrail was added later as the nuns were scared to climb such a height without support.

Santa Fe Marimbas

Music in the Square

The day we visited the town square, there was a celebration. A peace rally was going on, and as it was Saturday, vendors were out around the square, the roads were closed, and many tourists were out walking and shopping. We walked along several streets, looking in windows and browsing wares. Musicians playing homemade marimbas provided funky music while stiltwalkers and other performers circulated.

High Plains Antelope

In The Wild

On our way back to Tulsa through New Mexico we came upon an unexpected sight. Barbed wire cannot keep nature out. Four antelope were making their way across the range a few hundred feet from the highway. We saw several different groups of animals near the highway on our trip back.

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