Eldorado Canyon

Water Tower

Eldorado Canyon

In the dusty mountains just north of the border with Arizona lies the town of Nelson. Off the beaten path does not do it justice. Coyotes and rattlesnakes make up half the population. The little store and residence in Eldorado Canyon fit right in this off-beat destination. The old cars and old building remind visitors just how long ago the miners left. They also remind us just how little changes in the desert.

Gold Mine 24 2016

Gold Mine

The Techatticup Mine in Eldorado Canyon still has gold in the rock. The tourists pay a little coin to see the dusty tunnels dug out by desperate miners looking for a payday. The mine feels different from a cave. There are no slippery smooth surfaces, carved by water over millennia, no quite pools and green slime. There is rock. Jagged, hard rock bends a bit here and there, but mostly follows the straight seam of gold. Little glints of quartz show what’s left of the veins.

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