Downtown Chicago

Chicago Bridge
Downtown Chicago River


We parked downtown and dined at the Hard Rock Cafe. As evening approached, we walked across bridges and past storefronts to the Sears Tower. Skyscrapers were invented in Chicago, and many fine examples are on display.

Downtown Chicago at Sunset


We rode the elevator to the observation deck of the Sears Tower as the sun was setting. It was a quiet weekday so there were not as many people. We walked around and around, watching the sun set on the buildings below and looking out over the lake. The 103rd floor was closed, so we stopped at the 99th. There was a gift shop.

Chicago Skyscrapers at Night

From Above

The view of the city is amazing, almost unreal. The height makes the other buildings seem like toys on a stage just the other side of the glass. Never was the directionality of the day’s last rays made so clear as the orange glow on the high-rises showed. The sun dropped to the horizon as we walked around the tower. We stayed until dark. I was amazed to see bugs on the windows.

ABC 7 Studios


We strolled past the ABC studio as they were preparing for the 10:00 newscast. The have a really cool twisted LED display on the wall in front of the studio, and glass windows revealing the newsroom.

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