Seaworld Dolphin
Seaworld Coaster

Hanging with the Manta

The Manta is a different ride. Instead of sitting in your seat you hang from it. It is rather uncomfortable but gives a unique feeling of battering your way through the air with the top of your head while staring at your feet. Loops and barrel rolls are mandatory of course.

Seaworld Flight


The dolphins are wonderful to behold in the Seaworld shows. We watched the dolphin show twice.

Seaworld Sea Lion Gag


The animals are the stars of the show. Besides dolphins, killer whales and sea lions have their own shows.

Time For Food

Dolphin Feeding

Seaworld has a large pool for the dolphin feeding time. A select few paying guests can suit up and wade out to feed the dolphins up close. The rest of us crowd the wall of the pool and hope for a friendly dolphin to come within reach. Joy got to run her hand over a dolphins skin this way.


Cow of the Sea

There is no ride at Seaworld based around the manatee, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t wonderful creatures. I really enjoy seeing them when we visit wildlife parks. I wish we had some manatees here in Virginia to control the growth of weed in the rivers.

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