Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens
Dale Chihuley Glass with Fountain at Kew

A Huge Park

Kew Gardens is a great botanical garden on the outskirts of London. We took a short train ride on a day when the Underground was not running. We really wanted to visit because there was an extensive display of Dale Chihuly glass in very unique exhibits.

Succulents and Glass

Under the Dome

The prime displays at Kew are under glass, in the greenhouses which are arrayed across the grounds. The greenhouses provide tropical, temperate, and desert environments. The second floor of the tropical greenhouse puts you right in the midst of lush foliage.

Joy at Kew Gardens

English Roses

The English are great gardeners. With a mild climate and plentiful rain, gardens flourish. Roses are a favorite flower for English gardens, and Kew is no slouch. With some of the oldest and most beautiful specimens, both of roses, trees, and other plants from around the world, Kew is a joy to explore.

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