Sugar Hollow

A Wooden Trail

An Uphill Trail

Joy and I joined the UVa photo club in a hike at Sugar Hollow Reservoir. We started the trek near the reservoir and hiked uphill. The rocky trail follows the river, crossing over several times, and sometimes rising high above the riverbed. We saw mounted riders coming down as we climbed towards the falls.

Sugar Hollow Low Falls

A River Runs Through It

A WPA project dammed the Moorman River and created the reservoir. When we visited in early October, the recent rains still ran down from the hills and fed the river. The water was very cold. We scrambled over rocks as a group trying to protect our camera gear.

Sugar Hollow Joy

The Falls

Our uphill hike ended at the main falls, a rounded stone slide about eighty feet tall with a small shallow pool at the bottom. Two people hiked up to the top of the falls and called to the rest of us below.

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