Reflecting Pool
Monticello in Fall

The House

Charlottesville is home to Thomas Jefferson’s home Monticello. Designed by Jefferson, Monticello sits at the top of a small mountain to the south of Charlottesville. A reflection of a complex man, the house holds a museum of the American frontier, a 1,500 volume library, and the first dome on an American house. I felt the rooms were comfortably sized and intimate.

Garden Terrace


The vegetable garden, on the southeast slope of the mountain, was designed as a food source and laboratory. Over three football fields in length, over 330 varieties of vegetables were grown here. It has inspired me to plant a “square” in the garden behind my house. The terrace was cut out of the mountain and moved using carts and mules. It has some fantastic views out to the south.

Monticello Window

Dome Room

The Dome room has porthole-like windows which offer views of the surrounding terrain.

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