Tulsa Scenes

Red Sky
dollar thrifty

Dollar Thrifty Auto Group

The headquarters of Dollar Thrifty is in Tulsa, OK. I worked here for half a year after returning from the UK. Joy and I stayed in an apartment six blocks away, and I was able to walk to work most days, even the snowy days. The people were really great, and the company seems to have it’s ducks in a row. I recommend their stock.

Bad Moon Rising

Sunset in Green Country

On the plains we get some truly wonderful sunsets. I captured the sky one winter evening from outside our apartment. As the moon rose on a foggy evening earlier in the week, I pushed the exposure and got an eerie moon rise.

Polyphemus Moth

Moth Invasion

Spring brought with it some strange visitors. These large moths made their appearance on the walls of our apartment in April. Being nearly the size of one’s hand, these moths ranged in colors from grey to brown to a dusty red. The antennae are very distinctive.

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