Oklahoma Aquarium

Snapping Turtle

Snapping Turtle

The Oklahoma Aquarium opened in 2003, and we went to see the exhibits. They have some wonderful animals, including a huge snapping turtle. I caught it resting on its log with it’s nose breaking the surface. The turtle must be three feet across!

Octopus Feeding


My favorite exhibit was the octopus tank. We came back around to the tank at feeding time. The octopus spent most of it’s time in a little cave at the bottom of the tank hidden from view, except for the end of an arm curling out. But when a bit of fish stuck on the end of a stick was waved through the water, the octopus shot out to the top of the tank to nab the food. The membranous skin between the arms billowed out to cover the top of the tank. It was ghastly but cool too.

Shark From Below

Shark Tank

The highlight of our trip to the aquarium was the shark exhibit. The tank is built with transparent tunnels leading to a clear viewing dome beneath the water. Lit from above, the sharks swim incessantly through the water. There are three sharks and many silver fish. The fish are faster than the sharks and are safe from being eaten.

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