Biltmore with Christmas Tree
Drawing at BiltmoreBiltmore Statue


I brought along my pencils and pad in hopes of taking some impressions of the interior spaces of Biltmore. Alas, I was denied and had to settle for outside.


Misty Biltmore

We visited the Biltmore estate just before Christmas 2008. It was cool and rain-swept weekend in the mountains outside Asheville, NC. The snows had not yet come to Biltmore and we walked the grounds between tours of buildings and bursts of rain.

Biltmore Highway OverpassBiltmore Drive

Vast Estate

I rambled across the grounds to get the shot of the rear of Biltmore. I-40 passes through part of the estate, tastefully.

Biltmore Decoration


The exterior of Biltmore is elaborately decorated with sculpture. The inside as well, but I could not record it with camera or pencil. The mantelpieces and surrounds are works of art.

Rear of Biltmore

Biltmore At Christmas

We decided to visit at Christmastime because of the lavish decorations produced by the staff and the special evening Candlelight tours. It was marvelous to see the home in flickering firelight and lit by ancient bare bulbs. A production of the Nutcracker ballet was performed in the winter garden.

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