Ocean City

Ocean City, New Jersey
Ocean City Sunrise

Sunrise on the Ocean

Sunrise over the eastern coast can be a spectacular sight. Walking on the beach at sunrise is my favorite activity at the beach. Ocean City has a wide, soft sand beach that is perfect for walking along. It was a cool clear morning with a light haze of cloud on our last day in Ocean City when we took this walk.

Ocean City Beach


Fences surround the dunes at Ocean City to protect them. Barriers also protect the beach.

Ocean City Boardwalk

On The Boardwalk

The Boardwalk is the place to watch people, shop, and get to your place on the beach. Bikes, joggers, and pedestrians travel up and down the boardwalk at all times of the day. Ocean City’s Boardwalk is wood plank, and has a great feel when walking and makes a great sound when riding a bike. The 2 1/2 mile Boardwalk separates the beach from the buildings of the city.

Curly's Fries

Shops Of The Boardwalk

Our favorite shop on the Boardwalk is Johnson’s Popcorn. The caramel corn is sure tasty! We got a few slices of the floppy thin crust pizza they serve back East and sat on a bench for lunch. When we visited this year, we came before the season so many of the shops were not yet open.

Lifeguard Stand

Early Walks

I love the early light, and at 6:00 a.m. few people are about.

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