Brookfield Zoo

Polar Bear


The Brookfield Zoo has a great penguin habitat, and they are busy breeding more penguins.

Penguin Feeding

Feeding Time

One of our main reasons for the trip to Chicago was to take part in the Poolside with Penguins program. Joy got to take part in the prep work and feeding of the Humboldt penguins. She even got to pet one! She describes the feathers as sort of plasticy. There was a distinct odor to the birds as well.

Richard and Joy at the Penguin exhibit


My job in the Poolside with Penguins program was to try to get better pictures than the pro. I succeeded.



We got to the bear habitat at feeding time. The bears like fruit and the water.

Water World

The dolphin and seal habitats are very cool. The view into the dolphin tank is cast in blue: the still dolphin is nearly invisible.

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