Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Studios
Hard Rock Cafe Orlando

Hard Rock Cafe

The Hard Rock Cafe is one of our favorite places to visit. Orlando has the largest Hard Rock Cafe in the world. We didn’t quite believe that claim until we went in. It is huge! The Cafe is located right outside of Universal Studios Orlando, making it very convenient to have dinner after spending a day riding roller coasters.


Jurassic Park

Video monitors show clips that would have been shown to a visitor of Jurassic Park while waiting in line for the next ride. We floated through the park in a big boat. One of the passengers screamed as each dinosaur appeared.


Wizarding World

Universal Studios makes each section of the park feel authentic. Even though Hogsmeade wasn’t yet open, the entrance to the new Dragon Challenge roller coaster was a very detailed mine shaft. Much of the new Harry Potter section could be seen over the walls from the adjacent sections of the park.

Universal StudiosA Snack

Walking Around

Universal Studios is a huge park with several distinct area. We spent 12 hours walking, looking, waiting in line, and eating. There is a good mix of outdoor and indoor spaces. The days are sunny in Florida and we got a lot of sun on our day out.


Hollywood Backlot

The Hollywood section has all sorts of celebrities stolling the streets. I really enjoyed the Terminator 3D show. Joy stopped to be part of a paid survey from one of the companies in the park while I enjoyed the air conditioning. At the end of our day, we rode the Men In Black ride twice. Of course, we got our picture taken with the Simpsons.

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