Edinburgh Cannon


Edinburgh, Scotland sits on the North Sea, on the southern edge of the Firth of Forth. Edinburgh has been the captiol of Scotland since 1437. The city is elegant but dark, and I suppose it is raining or snowing most of the year. The city is dominated by the Castle.

Now a Park

Edinburgh Castle

The castle sits on a spine of volcanic rock in the center of the city, commanding the Firth. The Firth came right up to the base of the spine, but this area was drained and turned into a park.

In The Mist


The rain started before we got to the castle, but we didn’t let it stop us. We had brought umbrellas along, so once we were past the gate we strolled when it slacked and ran when it poured. Even in the rain, or because of it, we got a real view of the city of Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Castle Main Hall

Great Hall

At the center of the castle, at the highest point, sits the Great Hall. Here are the royal rooms and the Scottish Crown Jewels. The Jewels had been hidden in a trunk for hundreds of years. There was a Scottish tour guide inside who had an incredible burr in his accent speaking in the Hall.

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