Rostock Wall and Gate


Our cruise ship docked in the seaside town of Warnemünde. Instead of staying in the sleepy town or the crowded beach, we took the train a few miles to the town of Rostock. We go on with another couple from the cruise ship and spent the day with them. We walked along the park that runs along the outside of the medieval wall after visiting the Kröpelin Gate. The Gate offer great views over the river. The main walking thoroughfare was packed with shops and pedestrians. I picked up a picture book in German to bring back for a friend.

Boy and Fountain

Summer in Germany

August means warm days and lots of sun. It’s also time for school breaks. Lots of people and children were out in the streets and squares of the city while we were visiting. The square in front of the University of Rostock was popular. The fountains in particular received a lot of play.

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